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$20 Historical Premium Portfolios

This set features the first of the new style and among the last of the old style $20 notes produced at the Bureau. The new currency design Series 1996 $20 Federal Reserve Note comes with a low serial number. The old style Series 1995 $20 Federal Reserve Note is the last in the series of $20 notes whose design origin goes back to the Series 1928 $20 note. This old style Series 1995 $20 note is being offered for the last time in crisp uncirculated condition next to that of a crisp uncirculated new design $20 note. The Premium Historical Portfolio comes in an attractive portfolio, certifying authenticity. The portfolio also comes with acid free sleeves to protect your notes and allows viewing of the notes from both sides. There are only  10,000 sets of these sets issued.

$20 Historical Premium Portfolios:

Low Ladder S/N AI 00000456 A

Priced @ $395.00 - USRareCurrency@hotmail.com

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