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$2 Evolutions Series 2003 Minneapolis Matched Set


$2 Evolutions Series 2003 Minneapolis Matched Sets Available Numbers:
S/N I00003296A & I00003296*
S/N I00003300A & I00003300* Priced @ $499.95
S/N I00003302A & I00003302*
S/N I00003303A & I00003303* Priced @ $349.95
S/N I00003305A & I00003305*
S/N I00003728A & I00003728*
S/N I00003730A & I00003730*

Limited to only 2000 sets worldwide, these were sold out in a New York half-hour. To quote from the BEP website: “Due to an extremely high volume of phone and internet orders, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing sold out of the $2 Evolutions within the first 30 minutes of the release date of 8:00 AM EDT on July 27, 2005.”

According to the BEP description,“This set features, for the first time ever, a crisp, uncirculated Series 2003 $2 note and $2 star note with MATCHING LOW SERIAL NUMBERS representing the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.” The serial number range on these 2000 sets is believed to be from I00002101 to I00004100.

Priced @ $295.00 Per 1 Set - Email USRareCurrency@hotmail.com to Inquire

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