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1896 $1 Silver Certificate "Educational Series" FR-225

1896 $1 Silver Certificate Educational Series FR-225 PCGS Graded Choice Unc 64PPQ S/N 45911796

The FR-225 is The Tougher One Of The Two $1 Educational To Come By.

The Front of the Note was designed by Will H. Low and engraved by Charles Schlecht.   History instructing youth to the left to the right the Constitution, in the background the Washington Monument and the Capitol, around the borders the names of great Americans in wreaths.

The Back of the Note shows Heads of George and Martha Washington.  Thomas F. Morris designed the back from a portrait of Martha Washington, Engraved by Charles Burt in 1878 and a portrait of George Washington, Engraved in 1867 by Alfred Sealey.

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