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Hawaii Note's
Like North Africa Notes, Hawaii notes were a special currency restricted to the islands, as a way to ensure that US money wouldn't fall into enemy hands should the Hawaiian Islands be lost.  These notes were easily identifiable with the treasury seals and serial numbers printed in brown ink, with the word "HAWAII" overprinted on both the reverse and face.  Currency not marked in this manner was prohibited from circulation in Hawaii until October, 1944.
North Africa Note's
North Africa Notes were a special issue of Silver Certificates (in $1, $5 and $10 denominations), to be used by the American troops in North Africa and Sicily during the US's initial involvement in the war.  These are readily identifiable, as they're Silver Certificates printed with yellow treasury seals (rather than the blue treasury seal characteristic of silver certificates of the era).  This was done to protect the money supply in the event that the bad guys got hold of all that currency; it could be easily identified (and disavowed) if necessary.

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